Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome, Warmer Weather!

We were 'snug as a bug in a rug' this season! It doesn't get too cold here in the South but this season we installed a woodburning heater and didn't turn on our furnace in the house. (Experimenting to see how well it works and how we fare!)

Well, we did pretty good even with record cold temps! But we are so thankful for the warmer week we have experienced.

Just thought we would post some pics of the activity at our Cookhouse today.

One of our grands cutting potatos for Home Fries cooked on the woodstove. They dipped them into Homemade Spicy Ketchup and had Home Brewed Ginger Ale to wash it all down. A simple supper, a simple time of joy and loads of memories

Our little buddy chopping fat lighter wood. We get it from the swamps of South Georgia. It is the oily heart of the pine tree and will start a fire even on a wet day.

The 'least un' running to the Cookhouse for some grub. It was enjoyed by all but the fun of being together and enjoying the hobby of 19th century living was momentous.
Isn't it grand when your grandchildren think your hobby is 'cool'?
Pam and Frank


  1. I am so envious of you guys. What a wonderful way to spend time with the grandchildren and have your fun too.

  2. What an awesome post!
    To enjoy some time-traveling experiences at your own home and with the grandchildren - it just doesn't get any better!

  3. Thanks, Deborah and Ken. We certainly are blessed. Just wish all 8 lived near ebough to 'help' us out!

  4. Beautiful pictures Pam. I bet you enjoyed that wood stove!
    I would,

  5. Love it! Your grand kids will have a great understanding of history by living part of it!

  6. Pamela, sounds like a great time with the grands! Always enjoy your posts.


  7. Welcome back Pam, missed you. Oh...look at that prim dress your sweet granddaughter has on, love it. I agree it is amazing when the little ones get into the true spirit of early life. Love your post, come back soon.

  8. Finding your blog is quite a blessing for me! I am in Shelby County Alabama living in my gr gr gr gr grandparents' 1817 log home. I live the old life also. I am your newest follower. I just posted a bunch of pictures of old things in my house. Please visit me at and let me know what you think! Marshel

  9. I think this is wonderful and what
    a great way to spend time with your grandchildren! Nice to hear this....

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  11. Come and see my giveaway! Oh it is nice to see people who ahve been to my blog on yours. Ken has been on mine.
    Hope you ahve a good day!

  12. I love your cook house, what a blessing to be able to share this with the children. The picture of the little boy chopping wood brings back many childhood memories, here in Ky. we call the heart of pine trees,'rich pine' Blessings.