Sunday, January 29, 2012

God's Blessings Abound

This is my dining Room. The table is the first piece of furniture we bought in 1974. It has indentions from pencils in the top where my children did their homework. Their shoe buckles wore the finish on the bench. I will NEVER refinish it! It is such a memory blessing for me to own.

I have displayed a woven runner, some pewter and bone handled utensils. I have four 1840 plank chairs and a ladderback make-do we built. I love candles and we use them often. They always enhance any meal whether it is a bologna sandwich or the best roast.

I am blessed.

This is a washstand we bought in 'kit' form. Actually it was in pieces when we bought it at auction.

We put it back together, made a missing part, painted the part salmon and then overpainted it with brown and aged it. You can't even tell which part was reproduced.

I use an old porcelain bowl that has a brown glazed ring inside it and a buttermilk pitcher in a brown glaze. Add a piece of brown lye soap and flaxen towels and you have it. I added a small candlestand as a night light.

I am blessed.

We bought this four poster rope bed last year at auction. It is in its original finish and just fits our room wonderfully. I used a feather tick mattress on the ropes and then a down duvet on top of that, old linens, a wool and flax coverlet and the top pillow is an old grain sack.

The rocker is a Vermont Combback Windsor in original finish and a hammered pewter piece of art hangs over the bed. It is the Last Supper and is so detailed you can see the coins in Judas' bag.

I am loving how this room is turning out.

I am blessed.

I am blessed not just with things but with friends, with life, the air I breathe, the food I eat, I am blessed.

God has not overlooked me,...ever, and never will for I have simple, childlike faith in Him. How sweet to live life in the comforting arms of God.

Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming and that means the reenactment season is near. We don't do much in the Summer, a bit more in the Fall and Winter, so I really look forward to the Spring. Everything is fresh, we have bundled up all Winter and it is time to relax in our 19th century clothing. Relax? Oh yes! All of my period clothes, authentically styled, are comfy. Folks knew that natural fibers wore better and were more comfortable. When someone says...Isn't that long dress hot? I want to reply...Not as hot as that synthetic short set you are wearing made of recycled cola bottles! You see I get breezes that most folks don't get!!

Fact is, sometimes it is hot no matter how much you have on or take off!

The biggest part of our joy is that the grandchildren enjoy our hobby along with us. They LOVE dressing and acting out their parts. They will study language, mannerisms and how to wear the clothes so they will be their best.

We play a Reverend and his wife in some situations. I guess that's alright since we are a ministerial couple and we try to serve God in all that we do. In fact, that is our daily live before God, to help others and to inspire others still.

The picture above was me last Spring, a peddlar spinning and selling her goodes.

Hope we see you 'in the field' someday soon!