Saturday, February 18, 2012

Many things are faked...

I have lately noticed the trend in collecting artificial fruit and vegetables. The vintage stone fruit that is carved from stone and has a dusty appearance is quite in vogue now, and has an 'obscene' price tag to go along with it as one of my friends states! I recently sold a set of wooden carved fruit that was painted and I primmed it to perfection. My choice is in the picture above, paper mache' fruit and veggies. This is a vintage collectible and is still readily available and at a respectable price.

I love the different characteristics that the paper offers, a bit torn, a bit worn, a scuff, a scratch, a peel of the peeling. To the far right is one of my favortie pieces, it is an open pomengranate. Today I picked up the bunch of a dozen carrots for under $4. They aren't paper mache' but they look really good with my collection. Just thought I'd post and maybe inspire someone else to begin a collection that is eye pleasing and easy on the pocketbook.

Another friend commented that life is full of fakery and isn't that so true? We try to hide our fat, disguise our bad breath, cover a flaw, direct the eye away from a definite fault. I always try to be true to my friendships. What you see is what you get! And I always try to 'do unto others as I want to be treated'. What a wonderful plan to live by.

A news report recently spoke about having a day called RAK Day, Random Acts of Kindness. All day just do random acts of kindness for people all day long. Might not catch on nationwide but I plan to do it at least once per month. When doing for others, truly, we don't have time to be fake or artificial.

God sees our hearts and records our every move. I think He would approve!


  1. Hi Pam, I need you to go over to my blog and read it and you will know why.

  2. Thank you Pam for sharing, not only your fruit. but also that awesome message. Amen girlfriend, RAK, I totally agree.
    Hugs, Connie

  3. Thank you, Pam. The world needs more people like you!
    p.s. I thought that the fruits and
    vegetables in the picture were real!

  4. Hey, I thought that food was real! Sure fooled me. Been fooled Liked the post. I think we are to get snow tomorrow. In the 60's today, outside w/o a jacket. Take care and thanks for the prayers.

  5. Love the post Pam.Very meaningful.I love fake fruit, and flowers too.You got a bargain with those carrots.

  6. I enjoyed your post and am a new follower. Your fruit display is great!

  7. Love the Post and the Fruit,
    I too thought the Carrots and
    all were Real.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  8. Hi Pam- Yes my 4th great grandmother made the sampler when she was 81 years old. I doubt I could afford to buy it but I can dream!