Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Sweet Autumn!

I have been baking wonderful dessert breads with Carrots, Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes. Got my supply of brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup. Flour? Check! Picking up Pecans already! I love baking in the Fall.

The air in Georgia is still a bit heavy but the cooler evening temps are inviting and I am anxious to build our first bonfire and sit around it eating boiled peanuts.

I have been decorating the house, too, for a ladies group from my sister's church, for Autumn Entertaining and just because I love the colors and the fragrances of Autumn.

This is a display I did last year for All Hallow's Eve.

I don't like a lot of spooky stuff but my primitive reenacting clothes work well in this display I think. Kids drop by at Hallowe'en and get to scoop a big dipper of candy from the cauldron. It is so much fun. I love the creativity of their costumes. We usually dress in period clothing and welcome them by candlelight. Nothing scary, but candles scare the daylights out of kids,...especially on all Hallow's Eve!

I am grateful for Fall and plan a big Thanksgiving Gathering each year. We all hold hands and pray. What a wonderful way to unify, to connect with family. Of course, prayer plays a huge role in our lives anyway.

I would like to ask you to pray for me and hubby right now. We have some physcial and other issues that need prayer. If you have a need for prayer please list it in the comments section. I will gladly place it in my Prayer Box.

The prayers of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much!


  1. Happy Fall Friend
    Oh I too so love Fall.
    I am simmering a pot of potato soup and about to make some apple hand pies.
    I so believe in the power of prayer.
    I will be lifting you and your dear hubby in prayer.
    Fall Blessings

  2. I too will be keeping the two of
    you in my Prayers.
    Blessing & Hugs ~~ Connie xox