Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nearly Useless Things In Life

Working on my sermon and got to thinking about things that were useless or nearly so in life and wife and I came up with this list in short order. It's a shame that there are so many useless things, but, you know not one person is useless. Everyone is of great value and God cares for each one of us even as He does the sparrows of the air.

~A necktie
~Salt in a sweet recipe
~A fruit tree that doesn’t bear fruit
~A left shoe for a man with just a right foot
~11 ½ inches when you need 12
~Page numbers in a Bible
~Paint on a rotten barn
~A fence that doesn’t connect at the sides
~Unopened letters
~Wind chimes in a hurricane
~A truck with no tires
~A donkey that won’t move
~Faith without works
~Open toed shoes
~Holey underwear
~A wet match
~A burned out light bulb
~A rusty razor blade
~A thong swimsuit on a fat man
~A toad stool, toads don’t sit!
~The Russian alphabet to a Redneck
~A lawnmower on an iceberg
~A bull fighter at a sheep show
~One knitting needle
~Salt that loses its flavor
~An overeducated student
~One drop of gas when your tank is full
~A dusty Bible

What a pity to see an old dusty Bible. That means the possessor has not been intimate with the truth of God's Word in a while. The Bible and its message is still worthwhile, but a dusty Bible is a sad scenario for its owner. Read it while you can, absorb it for your future. I do hope some of this means something to someone, it did to us...

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