Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Misi's Challenge

Well, it's Tuesday and time for Misi's *~1890~* Display Challenge #7. I thought I would just post pics of some of the things I am working on for this Christmas and something dear to me that I made for last Christmas.
Cinnamon Spice Balls. Wonderfully fragrant bowl fillers made of applesauce, cinnamon and cloves. Easy and great! I have the receipt posted at A Primitive Path site.

Poinsettia Ornament made of Dried Cayenne Peppers. Simply glue dried peppers onto a cardboard 'doughnut' and string it up with a cotton twine and hang on the tree.

Mr. H. made the base for the Noah and Co. Tree. I added an artificial tree to the wooden base and made the animals of plaster of paris poured into a candy mold. Tiny 'hay bales' are raffia tied off with cotton twine.

Close-up of my tree topper angel. She lives on a secretary in my bedroom throughout the year but I place her in a prominant place on the tree. She is completely handstitiched from vintage linens. Her wings are hand quilted cotton. The face is embroidered and penned with Black Walnut ink. She holds a bouquet of ceramic flowers and silk ribbons. Her hair is white Alpaca fur. She is such an angel to me and I call her Gloria.

Full shot of Gloria with her damask overskirt.
Handmade and prim Christmas is really what keeps us in touch with the simplicity of the season. A time to celebrate our Lord with simple things.
Thanks Misi for making me think again!


  1. Gloria is beautiful. I am looking forward to trying out your spiceball recipe.

  2. I love that pepper poinsettia. It is so beautiful!
    I think I am going to snag your recipe for the spice balls. Those will make great gifts!

  3. Pamela,
    I really love the Poinsettia!Great ideas! Beautiful displays!
    have a nice day,

  4. Beautiful displays. I love all of your craft projects.

  5. After reading you Post on the Forum last night I checked my Fridge and there is....a bit of Apple sauce!!! I am thinking that I might just have a go:)

  6. I'm going to have to try those cinnamon applesauce balls. The recipe was in A primitive Place Magazine and I was thinging NO WAY it would woek... but there is is all cute in your bowl! TFS!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Great post!
    I think the Cinnamon Spice balls are brilliant--we may just try it soon!!
    You both are so creative with your projects :)


  8. Pamela
    You are so very talented.
    I love that poinsetia ornament!!
    You put together great posts with wonderful display pics. Always a learning experience!!
    For the mind and the soul!