Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Peek-A-Boo Display

Misi did it again, but this time she solicited help from Robyn at Primlish to present the Display Chain.

This week it is about peek-a-boo, or hiding your everyday life items behind something prim.

The picture I have chosen is my coffee pot. It hides underneath a vintage grain bag from Ohio. I left top and bottom open, slid over pot then tied off the top with a cotton cord. Works great except for the blue digital numbers on the machine. Solved that problem by turning machine sideways.

I use an old grain sifter as my cookie cooler board and hide extra rolls of toilet tissue in an old crockery churn. The 'in use' roll sits on the dasher handle. Telephone? Well, it hides in a big beautiful round bottom basket. The only other thing I hide sometimes is my hubby, he blends in with the old wrinkled leather sofa! :)



  1. Pamela, what a clever way to hide the coffee maker! I love it.

  2. Cute idea to cover the coffee pot!
    I like them mashers in the widow!
    Good ideas, for all your hiding places!
    have nice fall day,

  3. Great job...does your husband read your blog???? ;)

  4. Wonderful ideas Pamela!...I love your flour sack. The grain sifter as cooling rack sounds so up my alley ,i need to now get a big sifter for myself. I bet it will look so nice with gingers at Christmas.Thanks for the trip back in time..LOVE your blog!!!!!

  5. LOL...Just remembered reading last weeks post...question should be , does she know you added the last line?

  6. Oh Pamela...you make me laugh! I'm so impressed with your clever coffee-pot-in-a-bag idea! And after reading this I may need to move the butter churn to the bathroom.


  7. LOL!! That was funny about your hubby!
    I love the flour sack idea!
    Thanks so much for joining in!

  8. What a wonderful way to hide the coffee pot. I have been wanting a wood coffee house to cover mine. Your great idea would be so much easier to find a place to put the cloth bag when the coffee pot is in use & less of a pain for my hubby. Thanks & blessings to you & yours!

  9. Congrats Pamela on your win, you had some very clever ideas!