Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Bowl, A New Day

Last Saturday we went to town. Remember folks saying they would 'load the younguns up on th' wagon and go to town'? We live about 40 minutes out of a larger city and gas prices have forced us to limit our town going. Anyway we stopped by the Salvation Army store and I found this wonderful pewter bowl to go along with my repro and vintage pieces. I think it looks wonderful decked out with dried pomengranates.

I am tired of 'collections' of things and am really trying to eliminate those groups of collections. I use everything that I own for theater, reenacting, school and church productions, holiday meals and celebrations. I just love using original things, as long as they are not going to get damaging wear. The new pewter fits the bill for serving without the danger of lead poisoning!

The goblets are vintage as is the little footed cutting board. The candlestick was made by one of the Meaders family potters. The towel is a real huckabuck and does not get used.

Well, it is a new day too. I love new days, new opportunities. I especially love sunrise and the light that it sheds on this new day God has given us. Between us, my next favorite time of day is dusk. The day is done, the sun is setting, birds are scampering for their nests, my mind is at rest, my soul is at peace.

Well, gotta get the laundry finished and work on supper. Thanks for stopping by for a little visit.

Blessings beyond what you can ever imagine.


  1. Hi Pamela, love that pewter bowl! It looks perfect how you are using! It great when we can actually use our collections for a purpose rather than just for display :) Enjoy your brand new day, it's looking a bit more like spring up here in Ontario, but oh so windy...

    Blessings, Trish

  2. What a lovely bowl you found! It is so nice to use your collections. I like to do the same when possible.
    Have a lovely day,

  3. Good looking bowl, and goblets, but I love that bread board! Have a great evening. It has been beautiful here and I have cleaned some. Someone coming to see the house on Sunday.

  4. Hi Pamela - A wonderful prim vignette. Your "new" pewter bowl is wonderful, as are your other pieces.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. Wow! The bowl looks great :-) You mentioned lead poisoning from pewter--I was wondering if y'all think original old brass spoons safe to use? Theres one I'd like to purchase, but wasn't sure.


  6. Mia, we are not sure. One article Frank read stated that vintage items made of brass, of unknown origin, should not be used. I know that the vintage pewter is lead based, so is redware glaze, but the newer, alloy pewter is safe.

    It could be dangerous using wooden utensils, too. You have to know where everything has been it seems.


  7. Hi Pam, you asked about the spring at our old farmhouse, yes it is still running and has such good water, my husband uses it sometimes to make coffee when he is back there.
    thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your blog, hugs. Lecia

  8. Hi Pam, I love your grouping! Have a great day and Thank You for stopping by this morning...It seems we have things in common don't we? Old things,country roads,etc...

  9. Hi, Pam:
    I missed this post! I love pewter but you're right, I wouldn't want lead poisoning. The new pewter is great for display and use, the old can just be admired.