Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Civil Folks Public Meeting

I know it's been a long time since my last post but thought you might like to read the After Action Report of our last meeting. I promise to write more in the future.

Civil Folks, June 1, 2009

Howdy Civil Folks,

Jest a quick note to tell you 'bout our secont meetin.

Jest afore our assigned meetin time, Miz Pam and me went to th cemetery fer a little ramble an to socialize with some of th residents there. By and by others come and joined in our ramblin. I thank we could all come together some time and work on cleanin the cemetery. Make it a 'decoration day' like the folks did in 1866. So much could be accomplished jest pullin' weeds, straightenin stones, placin' some flours.

We had a few images graven by th soul stealer and discussed th properties of a Mullein plant that is growing at the foundation of th church. I showed th folks th 'Shame Plant' and put one of them plants to sleep fer 'em!

One of th younguns rung th old church bell and announced time fer th singin' to start. It was mighty hot like a furnace in th church so we decided to sang on the doorsteps. Everbody fount em a seat on th steps and it was like a Roman amphitheater. I stood in th grass and led the songs. We sung some of the old hymns and got to singin on Hard Times. Hard times is comin' whether you like it or not! But,...God is faithful to th very end!

Atter awhile singin we got ta thirstin mighty bad so Miz Pam drug out her demijohn of sweet tea and poured us all a vessel of tea with a chunk of ice in it. My, it was wonderful after parchin' while sining'. Th sun was asettin' by now and we thought it was time to dance some so we cranked up th' band and Soldier's Joy went to playin'. Honey we couldn't keep them younguns on th porch! Law, they all jumped up and runned to th yard rat in front of th steps and went to bowin and swangin left and right hands, do-si-doin', promenadin'. then they built th bridge and sashayed rat back to the beginnin'. Hoops was abouncin and in th end one of th girls jest flopped down in th grass plum tuckered out! Th women was glistenin' in the moon and I was asweatin' but it was glorious.

We all smiled and laughed 'bout how much the simpler life was and how blessed we were to have fellership with one another in this fast-paced world.

We begun ta clean up everthang and a couple of th gals wount up in Old Richland and begun ta sing praise. We all jined 'em. Never turnt on a light but tha light from the old lamp post lit up most of th church. Praises flowed! When we was finally sung out we helt hands in a ring at th altar and praised God for what he had already done fer us and what He will do fer us and fer Richland Church in th future.

At the last amen, we all hugged and bade each other farewell until th next time.
I know a lot of you couldn't come. Well, you missed out! That's all I can say. Sometimes we get caught up in our busyness and cain't see th simple truth afore us. Y'all try to come on out th next time. God is in the midst, the fellership is sweet, the pace is slow and memories are made that will outlast th modern day goin and comin'.

Our next meetin' will be on July 10th at our home, a private affair. Git in touch with me if you want a invite, I will respond.

God bless you. Do consider attending these mettings on the first Monday each month so you can slow down, regroup and bless th Lord and yourself. Don't forget your period clothing and brang a teacup.

With love, Frank


  1. I could read & listen what you have to say for hours~~~
    Blessings my friends~~~

  2. Frank and Pam- it was so great to see you this week. We were truly blessed by your ministry, and it was so great to see you after all these years. I will check this blog often so hopefully we can visit later in the year. God Bless You!

    Brooke Crissey Sabatini