Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh My, We've Been Tagged!

How sweet of you to tag us! Of course, you are our only follower, except for our daughter who periodically looks at our blog. The instructions are for us to write six random things about ourselves. I don't know how to link so I'll leave it here for future reference.

1-Frank-I had six bypasses after returning from Ecuador on a Mission trip. We climbed old volcanoes and hundreds of rickety steps to reach the native people there and minister the gospel of Jesus. Sort of out of breath on the equator, but so was everyone else.
Pamela-Had a massive brain aneurysm that resulted in surgery in 1997. Lost short-term memory but retained her love for her Lord. Sometimes she worries that I will leave her alone, but I assure her that she is 'stuck with me'.

2-Frank-Most content while working in the woodshop whittling or creating with wood.
Pamela-Happiest in the kitchen cooking a new 19th century receipt.

3-Frank & Pamela- Greatest accomplishment? Raising three beautiful children, loving three in-laws, nurturing 5 (soon to be 7) grandchildren, giving our hearts to 17 foster children and hundreds of kids in youth and children's ministries.

4-Frank & Pamela-We both sing in an acapella group, Civil Folks, and enjoy 19th century instruments and technique.

5-Frank-My specific hobby out of many interests is collecting 19th century hand glazed pottery.
Pamela-Creating dolls and collecting rare 18th & 19th century examples.

6-Frank-I love ministering to people with song. God's anointing is what makes the difference in every note I sing and I give Him the credit and the glory for all that I am.
Pamela-Is a gifted pianist. Her hands float ont he keyboard under God's anointing. There is not a song that she cannot play after she hears it once. Even after the aneurysm. This is one blessing God has given her that keeps her spirit going.

Okay, that's six, but there is so much left to write about us.

We have been blessed more than we deserve and God is not finished with us, yet.

Sarah, you've been re-tagged! (Can one do that? We love hearing about your beautiful family. Heck, I even wear your husband's pants from a CWR forum purchase!)
Hilary, you have been tagged! (Write a blog or at least reply in our comments section.)

With love,
Frank and Pamela

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