Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall and Winter Means,...Soup!

I just posted this on a recipe forum and thought I would add it here, too.

Well, in the Fall and Winter we eat soups frequently. My faves are Cream of Potato and Vegetable Beef.

Cream of Potato
Peel white potatos and onions in equal amounts and dice. Boil them in chicken broth that comes up nearly halfway of the vegetables. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper. When done, leave broth in the pot and mash with a potato masher (I like ours chunky) and add about 1/2 to a pint of whipping cream.Your family will beg for more!

Vegetable Beef
Cut stew beef meat into spoon size chunks and brown in your pot with a little olive oil.
Add the cut up veggies of your choice. I use:potatos, tomatos, carrots, celery, onion, 2-3 ears of corn from the cob or 1 can of cream corn

The following are MUST HAVES to make the soup extra delicious:
2 cups of okra (A southern staple. If you don't have okra use File'. This is dried and powdered Sasafrass leaves.)
brown field peas (The little brown ones thicken the soup and give it a rich flavor and color.)minced garlic (About a heaping tablespoon.)Italian spices (I like the flavor that these herbs impart.)
fresh nutmeg (I grate about 1/2 teaspoon.)
Salt and pepper to taste
Cook the whole pot on slow heat. Several hours on a woodburning stovetop.
Serve with Southern Style Cornbread.
Don't worry about leftovers, there won't be any!



  1. How good these soups sound! The cream of potato sounds just right for dinner tonight, actually. :) Thank you so much for posting these recipes! We can get frozen okra up here so I will try that in the vegetable soup when I make it.

  2. Sarah,
    You will be glad you tried either of these! They are both my Mama's recipes.
    She used copious amounts of okra and sometimes called it 'Swamp Stew' since we were born and reared Swamp Rats on the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia.
    The Potato is so rich that it is like eating a luscious salty dessert! It has to be healthy and healing on a cold Fall evening!
    Really hope you enjoy them.


  3. Hi you don't know me but I clicked on you when I was at Sarah Janes blogg. I will definatly try the veggie soup I hope I can get frozen okra in Ohio. My future son-in-law is from Georgia and he is always talking about okra and how delicious it is now I can make this for him. Thanks for sharing.
    Yours In Christ

  4. The potato soup recipes sounds great, but is whipping cream the same as whip cream?

  5. Bridget, You will find it in the milk aisle of your grocer. It comes in a 1/2 pint or pint or quart cardboard milk box and says Whipping Cream on the label. It is not sweet, just the cream of the milk. You can add confectioner's sugar to it and whip it with your beater and get the most delicious homemade whipped cream available. Of course, for soup just add it straight from the container. Thanks for commenting, sorry so long to answer, been under the weather. By the way, Israel Houghton is OUR man, too!