Monday, October 13, 2008

FALLing In Love!

Falling In Love, the perfect theme for the perfect wedding. On Saturday we had the honor of presiding over the wedding of two dear young friends. Pam and I inspired some of the decor for the event, mostly involved in making the florals.

It was held in a rural setting at the Bride's great-grandmothers farm. the barns were cleaned and freshened, months ago Cosmos flowers were planted in the fields, an arch was built over the altar area, but most importantly, God was especially invited and showed up as the guest of honor.

To me, it was the most spiritual wedding I have been involved with, and one of the most beautiful.

A harpist sat in the side cow shed of a barn and played I Exalt Thee as the bride entered on the carpet of grass, her bouquet a splash of orange and chocolate roses accented with Goldenrod that grew nearby. It was such a special moment. Pam joined me and we sang The King of Who I Am in acapella fashion. The rest of the ceremony was simple, but contained an element not found in most weddings, the visitation of the Holy Spirit.

Just thought this blog would like to know that there is some peace in this world of chaos in which we live. I just wish you could have experienced this peace.


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  1. How beautiful! I always love to read about weddings that bring together two Christians for the walk of life. Fall is such a wonderful, lovely time of year for that! May God Bless the two newlyweds!