Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls at the Chick Inn

Well, all you Civil Folks, we have been bitten by the chicken bug! Just last night I added the girls to the new run and coop and they seem very content.

Pam has named them already: Minnie Lee, Myrtle, Edna (Buff Orpingtons) and Susie (Rhode Island Red). These are our beloved grandmother's names. Rose Ella (hybrid) and Thaxine (Sumatra) are dear friends. We will borrow Bob The Rooster if we feel we need to have one hanging around for a while.

They are so fun and each has its own personality.

This picture is Thaxine, Minnie Lee and Rosella. Myrtle is in the foreground. We hope to keep you updated on their progress.

The Civil Folks Living History Group added two new members and we are excited about our July meeting. Great godly fun is had at each meeting.

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