Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Misi challenged us once again to send pics of our make-do treasures. We love make-do items and seek them out before we hunt for the 'other stuff'.

Make-do means to me, something repaired that you continue to use or an item that was made for one purpose but used in another way. My previous post was about Pink Luster and it is here again but I have added some other unique needfuls for you to check out.

An old wooden funnel that I use as a candlestick. Can't you imagine someone filling cider jugs or another filling moonshine jugs with this old primitive?

This is a crockery jug spout that I use at every Living History event. It takes the place of a funnel. Folks are intrigued that I would use something for one purpose that was destined to be used as something else. It is a little weird that I would use this for a funnel instead of the funnel above, but what would I do for a candlestick?

This faince (sp?) plate and luster teapot both bear the scars of use. Both were broken many years ago and both have the same repairs with metal staples. I love that they were loved and made to use over and over.

This Fishtail handled dough tray is wonderfully old and dear. It has a large bottom repair that is tacked on with copper tacks. The hole in the interior is massive and I no longer use it but it is a conversation piece and worked when there was nothing else to use.

The bowl rack is a new one my hubby made for me, but the bowl is a vintage one. It lay under a house in Tennessee for years until it was given to me. We wired the crack shut. It doesn't work anymore except to make our minds work figuring out the many ways it served its owners.
Thank you, Father God, that you don't just throw us out when we need mending and for finding purpose in our lives no matter how tattered and torn, abused and broken. Amen


  1. Your pictures are beautiful and a wonderful representation of true make-do's! -Catherine

  2. What great make-dos you have! Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures>>wonderful make do's!
    have a nice day!

  4. Oh your make-do's are wonderful....and oh to live like you do!!!!

    Hubby would never go for it so I am makin -do! lol

    Great pics!


  5. Wonderful post!
    Loved all your make-do goodies.

  6. Just love your pictures! The bowl is wonderful! OLm

  7. Everyone did a great job on their posts however yours truly touches my heart. Not only do you educate us but leave us with a prayer. How blessed I feel to have found your blog.

  8. WONDERFUL blog Frank & Pamela! So enjoyable. What fun to see all of these REAL make dos...and your beautiful prayer was a perfect ending. Thanks for sharing. :)


  9. Love all your make-do items. And Amen to your Prayer at the end of your Blog .... so True !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox