Monday, October 25, 2010

Misi's Souvenier Challenge

Misi challenged us once again with a thought on memories/souveniers. I began thinking about memories and how I cherish each one that I hold.

In 1997 I endured a double brain aneurysm that should have taken my life according to the multitude of doctors who worked with me. I was in the ICU in a local hospital for 9 weeks. They performed the surgery to clip the aneurysm (one sealed off by itself) and it left me with severe short-term memory loss. That is why I cherish each memory.

My wonderful husband types all of my thoughts for me as I dictate. I am able to do most anything I desire, my creativity is still intact, I can cook and clean and not be mean! I adore my husband, children and grandchildren and know all of their names and quirks but I usually don't know what day it is or what the calendar holds for me on a specific day. I know everything about early 1997 back to my first growing years even what my hubby wore on our first date but I can't tell you what I had for lunch today. I know many of the ways of the 19th century way of life and how to perform the daily duties, but events since 1997 are sketchy in my mind sort of like a collage of happenings that I cannot sort through. I cook on a wood stove, preserve my own food and serve my family and my God. God has been merciful and gracious to me and I will never forget what works He has wrought in me.

Each time we go on a visit I try to buy or locate something that will help me remember. On our last trip to Maryland Frank bought me this wonderful vintage broom. It has a Hickory handle, real broomcorn bristles and a Hickory peg at the top of the bristles where it is all wired together. The bark is smooth and wonderful and when I use it in my kitchen I wonder how many women held this tool and who might have used it in the past.

My husband made me this wonderful peg shelf to hang it on in a prominent place in my kitchen. I placed a pumpkin for the Harvest season on the shelf.

On the little carved peg I sometimes leave my Charm bracelet. OK, I know it's not prim but it is important because it is like a journal for me. If you look closley at the top you will see a bell that signifies my marriage, on the right a small sterling buttocks basket I picked up at Shaker Village in Kentucky, below that on the left a grand piano that represents my musical ability. I still teach and play piano for my church. Oh, there's a Bible, a trumpet, a pine cone, birthstones and a little angel I call St. Helen. I got her in Beaufort, SC on a trip and she is named for the oldest church there.

Yes, I have souveniers, I have my memories, I just keep them a little different than most, but thank God I have them.



  1. Your post made me teary...Grateful that you are with us and remind us all of what is truly important in life.
    I like the broom and the way it is displayed. The braclet is very pretty and special to you I am sure. Thank you for sharring this story with us.

  2. Things I believe in Miracles, Angels, and Lord the Father!
    You are a Miracle & an angel!The Lord the Father brought you to us & I am so thankful for this!
    I can't even imagine what you went through and the challenges you encounter each day, what a strong lady! Oh, how I admire your strength!

    The bracelet is so perfect, so pretty! Brooms I could never have enough of(I am fascinated with them)!
    & Hubby thank you!

    Thank you for sharing this,

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I praise God for His miracle of healing in your life.

  4. What a beautiful post! I am so glad you joined in! Your broom is awesome and I love the hanger Hubby made for you to display it on!
    I love your bracelet! I have a charm bracelet too and love to collect charms from our travels! I love the basket charm!
    Thank you for sharing your story and hope to see you in the next challenge!