Sunday, April 29, 2012

At the End of the Day... is so nice to kick off your shoes, stick your feet in the edge of the spa, rub them (Or have him rub them.) with some spearmint oil and slip on some clean white socks.

I am spoiled!

These are the display shoes on the guestroom hearth. A lady's late 19th century pair, a man's Civil War brogans and a beautiful pair of leather-wool-wooden soled child's boots.

It's also good to read God's Word, forgive someone, call a friend, share some popcorn and breath really deep for tomorrow is another day.


  1. I love antique footwear~ and yes, it is important to spend time with God everyday; just like a husband and wife sitting together quietly on the porch.

  2. yes, a nice foot rub would be perfect. Love all your shoes!!

  3. Wonderful shoes- and a foot rub would be so nice!

  4. I would love to be a guest in this quaint room,!
    Simple life, how amazing is that!

  5. You are indeed blessed!! :-D

    Thanks for visiting me and your nice
    comment. And I happy to say I've been following you for awhile ;-)
    Many Blessings Linnie

  6. Loved this post, my friends.

  7. I love this display! We have all these so I could do it on our bedroom hearth...just beautiful!
    (And that spearmint oil rub sounds amazing!)

  8. This grouping is so nostalgic and lovely ... is it a print, cause it should be? Thanks for sharing.